Sunday, January 31, 2016


Meeting renowned Indian Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor
Welcome to my Blog page!

My name is Brian, aka Chef Nairby from Toronto, Canada, and I have been a lover of making food since I was a kid and I put grape juice in my Froot Loops because we ran out of milk.  It tasted awful, surprise surprise, but it got the ball rolling as I would fantasize about putting different ingredients together and imagine what would come out. Surely ingredients that taste good on their own should taste good when mixed together, right?  Five words.....Froot Loops and grape juice!

Two years ago, I started taking my health a lot more seriously, and began improving my culinary skills by spending hours in front of my computer, browsing recipe ideas and creating them in my own kitchen.
Chef Nairby's "Feel It!" Pasta
I like to use proper ingredients, as little premade as possible, and I have grown to love even the prep work that goes into cooking something great!

My love of cooking has become such an obsession over the last two years that I own seasons 1-13 of Hell's Kitchen and put them on as I do my workouts in my living room!  Sometimes I wonder if I would secretly thrown reward challenges just so I could stay behind and do prep work!  For real!
Homemade Butter Chicken.  Made the real way.

Over the last two years, I have cooked close to 200 different dishes, some from recipes I followed and some I came up with from my own noggin.  You can check them out and follow me on Instagram @IamNairby, and feel free to offer any tips and suggestions.  If there is a recipe or idea you are curious about, lay it on me and I will give it a go for you.

Thank you for checking out my page.  Stay tuned for more pictures, some recipes, rambling and videos in real world and cartoon form (I animate in my spare time, too.  Boopsy Creations on Facebook and Youtube.).

Chef Nairby

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